Are You Eager to Know About the Email Sending Process?

Actually, email is a best way of communication with friends, family and colleagues with a simple click and it does not matter, where you are in the world. Of course, you should buy updated email tools at spamming tools shop. When you want to know about the email sending process, then you need to go through the following details:

  • Need to compose a fresh email
  • Need to enter the email address in you your email 
  • Need to write a subject line
  • You can save it as a draft for later sending or you can send instantly

Step by step instructions of sending process

In general, most of the email applications or accounts should follow the same email sending process. 

Methods to send an email

Below are simple methods to send an email such as:

  • Initially, you have to log into your Gmail account, so that you are on a dashboard, i.e. main home page of your mail account.
  • Now, you click on a ‘Compose’ button
  • Then, a new empty email window will pop up. In a ‘To’ inbox, you need enter the recipient email address
  • You may also need to add someone else in your email in order to hold them in a loop. You can just perform this by clicking on a ‘Cc’ or ‘Bcc’ that will open another field.
  • Here, Cc means carbon copy of your mail and Bcc means blind carbon copy
  • If you add an email address in Cc field, the person will get a copy of your email and also the entire recipients you have included will view their email address.
  • If you enter an email address in Bcc part, then the person will get a same print of your email, but none of the recipient will view that address.
  • If you are sending an email to many different people, it is a great idea to place the entire email address in a Bcc field to hold your mailing list more confidential.
  • A subject field enables you to provide an idea to recipient of the subject of your email, which seems like a heading.
  • An email text can be formatted in a same way to the text appeared in a word document. Here, you can able to modify the size, colour and style by using formatting icons.
  • You can also even make the bullet points and then verify the spelling of your email. You can select your formatting from a menu shown.
  • Then, you can simply type a message in the main body of your email
  • When you are ok with your email, you just click on a ‘Send’ button at a bottom of the compose mail window.
  • At last, the email you have sent will be stored in a ‘Sent Mail’ folder on your Gmail account. 
  • You might begin an email, but decide to send it later; the Gmail saves your email in drafts automatically. Thus, you can close email and uncompleted email will be saved to your ‘draft’ folder.